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Pharmacometrics Cloud

High Performance Cloud Computing: Regulatory compliant Platform as a Service for management of pharmacometrics data, analysis and tools.

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Fully Managed, Version Controlled Data Repository with following integrated tools:


  • PSN

  • MPI



  • R/RStudio

  • And many more...

A fully unified platform to centralize and standardize all drug development data

Foster collaboration and drive R&D efficiency with orchestrated process management

Modern software platform to power your IT innovation

Maintained by the industry’s leading drug development and software experts

The SecureGen Difference

  • Track every analysis, report and workflow from start to finish in one place.

  • Trace lineage of data changes and processes across the drug development lifecycle.

  • Automatically interlink related data, analysis and reports

  • Support work in a secure, validated, compliant, trusted environment on SecureGen Cloud that withstands the rigors of regulatory validation.

  • Data available for regulatory fillings within hours or days, not months.

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Built on a platform that’s easy to configure, integrate, and extend

SecureGen combines the functionality of a custom solution with the ease of an off-the-shelf solution. Configure custom suite of tools to store and analyze drug development data, adjust SecureGen without code to adapt to your evolving needs, and integrate any enterprise or external vendor system to automate data exchange.

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